Benefits of knee Replacement Surgery | Cost of Knee Replacement

Benefits of Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Use of Robotics in the Health Care Management is a Medical Revolution, Which has taken up by TechKneelogy where utilizing the most experience surgeons with highly sophisticated Technology.
  • Robotic Knee Replacement is indicated for the patients whose pain is not relieved with painkillers,Cortisone Injections, Ortho Braces and Physiotherapy.
  • Robotic Knee replacement surgery is using the robotic technology to repair the damaged bone surfaces allowing the knee replacement to be more accurate.
  • In Robotic Knee replacement the robotics wont do the surgery but they are added to the doctors kit. They are the Instruments for the procedures which require steadily precision's like knee replacement surgery.
  • They work on the Computer Programmed model of the knee in preparing the bone, Introducing the implant into it,Balancing the implant,then checking for the right fit.
Benefits of Robotic Knee Replacement
  • Consistency, Precision, Simplicity and Natural-Feeling Results
  • Safe and Scalable
  • Reproducible and Unparalleled outcomes
  • Minimal Blood Loss
  • Stable Walking / Climbing and Lesser Muscle Strain after the surgery
  • Shorter Hospital Stay
  • Lower Risk of Complications
  • Exposure Control
  • Improved Knee Mechanics
  • Reduced Knee Pain
  • Quicker Rehabilitation and Recovery
  • Robotic Surgery delivers better results than traditional knee replacement, Surgery done with the robotics gives accurate results. Patients can return to their daily activities faster.
  • Are you a candidate for the knee replacement?
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