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Partial Knee Replacement in Mumbai

For people suffering from knee pain caused by osteoarthritis, whose damage is limited to a single compartment or area of the knee, partial knee replacement may be an option because it preserves healthy bone and ligaments while replacing the damaged area. OurSurgical System uses robotics-assisted technology to help tailor partial knee replacement procedures to the unique shape and motion of each patient’s knee anatomy.

Robotics-assisted Partial knee replacement planning

Our system addresses the challenge of partial knee replacement by using both computer and robotic assistance to accurately map the surface of your knee, align your implant to your anatomy, and physically remove the bone necessary to place your new implant. This added level of assistance is important because implant alignment is a crucial factor in determining how long the implant will last.
Robotics-assisted Partial knee replacement planning
Advantage of our Robotic Partial Knee Replacement Machine

Advantage of our Robotic Partial Knee Replacement Machine

Robotic Knee Surgery without radiation: Our system eliminates the need for CT scans by using an advanced computer program to collect anatomic and alignment information about your knee. Once captured, this information is used to build an accurate, computer-rendered 3D model of your knee that your surgeon will use to plan your surgery.

Dr. Tejas Upasani First Robotic-assisted Joint Replacement Surgeon of Mumbai

Dr. Tejas Upasani

MS, DNB, D Ortho & FCPS

Orthopaedic, Robotic Joint-Replacement, Computer-Assisted Joint-Replacement Surgeon and Knee Replacement Surgeon Managing Director at USSH

Expert in Orthopaedic, Robotic Joint-Replacement, and Computer-Assisted Joint-Replacement Surgeon with 17 years of experience. Successfully completed 5000 plus Surgeries, 2000 plus Knee Replacements, and 200 plus Robotic Knee Replacement
Dr. Tejas Upasani has done more than 1000 CAS TKRS giving each of his patient pain free mobility
Named as the First Robotic-assisted Joint Replacement Surgeon of Mumbai

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